Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New pattern

I know this blog has been quiet for quite awhile. I am happy to announce that my new pattern has been published in Interweave Crochet Spring 2010- Forest Petals Shawl.

I am excited that it is finally out and I can share this. I wanted to create visual interest in Tunisian entrelac, so the alternate rows are negative space. I love that it is all done in one continuous piece so that there are only two ends to weave in. Enjoy.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Birthday Bolero

I received Blueprint Crochet by Robin Chachula. I have been busy making two of the projects in there. The first is the "Katie Bolero" I used some Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, which I purchased from an awesome online yarn shop Sonny and Shear. After hearing wonders about blocking wires, and the suggestion that coated floral wire could be used as a substitute, I decided to give it a try. I used 16 gauge wire, it came in a pack of 12 at JoAnn's. Now the tips had some burrs on them, but they were easily sanded down by rubbing on the grout on our floor. The scratches are hardly noticeable, and the grout was a lot more convenient than the sidewalk. Using the wires made it so much easier to block. It was very easy to adjust to the correct size, only having to move a few pins instead of hundreds. Plus, I got straight edges where I wanted straight lines.

The project itself went quite smoothly. I tried it on after all the motifs were joined together. The fit looked good. I proceeded to follow the directions to change to a larger hook to do the edging. I did this, and then was disappointed with the fit. The larger hook made the edging too big for my body and gave it a sagging fit.

I let it sit for a couple of weeks and then on Saturday, I pulled it all out and redid the edging using the same size hook as the squares were made in, as well as reducing the number of chains from 6 to 5, and stitches in them from 5 to 4. These changes gave me a much closer fit, and I am very pleased with how it has turned out. I haven't purchased buttons yet, but I left a decent length of yarn on the inside panel for sewing them on. It is loosely woven in on the underside. In the meantime, I am closing it with a pin. When I followed the instructions as written I needed 3.1 skeins of yarn. After adjusting the band, I used less than 3, about 2.95 skeins.

The only other thing I would change on this if I were to do it again, is to turn at the beginning of round 6 and put the seam on the inside instead of on the outside. I realized this after I had already joined most of the motifs. You can't really tell on the last round because it is all sc, and I'd rather have had the ridge from the joined motifs inside instead of outstide.

The second project I am working on is the "Courtney Corset" using two strands of Misti Alpaca Lace held together. I hope to have the project done by the end of the month, so as to enter it in the County Fair. Right now I have the three top portions done, and I am trying to decide if I need to alter the sleeve, and how I would do that. Just a photo of the swatch.

Monday, March 16, 2009

March is National Crochet Month

I figured I better have at least one post during National Crochet Month. It will be a hodge podge with lots of updates on the projects that have been keeping me busy the last few months. First off is a belated post about the Christmas gift I received from my dear friend Amy, who currently lives in Australia. Two cute Christmas ornaments and a skein of beautifully dyed silk-merino yarn, and a hand carved wooden handled hook. The yarn is so soft, and so fun to touch, I have a couple of ideas on how to use it. The hook has been great for thread work. I finished up some other projects using yarn, so now I have been able to work on some of my thread projects. This hook has made the crocheting so quickly- I am getting spoiled. Here is the hook with my latest tapestry crochet project- a Jerusalem cross.
In this flat tapestry crochet, I am working in the back loop only on one row and then front loop only on the following row. This is my first tapestry crochet project using three colors at once, and it is going pretty well.
I finally finished my "Chevron Lace Cardigan" it is made with the llama yarn I received last year for my birthday. I decided on a slightly cropped length and 3/4 length sleeves based on hearing how llama yarn will stretch over time. I made a simple closure for the cardigan-two balls on a short chain, and a floppy five-petal flower in the center. It works by just pushing the balls through two holes in the stitches. This way I can have some flexibility in how I wear the cardigan- closed at the neck, or under the bust.I have also been working on and off on some socks using the "Origami Turkish Socks" pattern by Deb Burger in the CLF book. I am working on them simultaneously, doing 6 rows on one then six rows on the other.

I was recently able to get a photo of a washcloth I made last fall, adapted from a pattern in Crochtet! magazine. The background was crocheted first, and the cat done separately and then stitched on.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A new year

Sorry, I haven't posted too much recently. I can't believe it has been more than 2 months. Part of the reason is because I have worked on some sweaters for the kids- I designed the pattern, and have figured out how to size it. I am trying to decide what to do with it, so I can't show you any pictures of those yet.

A recap of completed crocheted projects from 2008-
Hats- Very Versatile Vertical x2
baby hats- too many to count
Driftwood cap from Interweave crochet 2008 x2
Basic dc beanies x 4
Child's hat
Santa baby hat

Scarves x2 (Driftwood cap and scarf)

Sweaters- Butterscotch cardigan for me (IC Spring 2008)

Eagle Pullover for DH (IC Winter 2007)

Sweaters for kids x4

Baby Bamboo sweater and pants

Tapestry Tortilla warmer for us

Infinity runner (IC Winter 2007)

Shell of Shells for me (Lily Chin Couture Crochet Workshop)

Too many baby washcloths (I don't know for sure but I'd say over 10)

Felted purses x4

Filet crochet market bag

Crochet doll

What's on the list for 2009? This month I've already completed a pair of socks- and a baby outfit for a friend. Troubador socks from IC spring 2008.

I am also working on a cardigan using the llama yarn I received as a birthday gift last year. I think I finally found a pattern that will work with it. I've tried a couple others so far, and while I love those patterns, they weren't right for that amount of yarn. More hats, sweaters, bags and socks are also on the agenda.

Oh, and my sister in law showed me how to make a center pull ball when hand winding. I absolutely love it!

Monday, November 10, 2008

CLF First Ever Book

A few months ago I submitted my pattern for the Very Versatile Vertical Stripe Beanie to be published in the Crochet Liberation Front's First Ever Book. The book is out now and my pattern is on page 54. I received my copy of the book over the weekend and I have been enjoying reading and browsing through this book. All of the patterns in the book were designed by other CLF group members on Ravelry. There are wonderful patterns for socks, hats, bags, toys, tops, scarves and many other items. It will be hard to decide what to work on first. I also love the little articles that people submitted. You can follow this link to find out more about the book or purchase your copy of the book.

In a related note, my hat has been awarded the Hookalicious Award from the group's leader. You can read about it here. It has been exciting to see people use my pattern and make hats of their own. I look forward to seeing more of people's projects as they post them on ravelry. Thanks also for all of the compliments.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Updates galor

I haven't posted for awhile, but I have been busy crocheting. We had a nice visit to Minnesota. My kids got to meet their new cousin. Here he is in the outfit I crocheted for him. It was fun to see him in the outfit. If I had to guess what size it is, it probably turned out to be 2-6 mo. I know the standard sizing is 0-3 and 3-6, but it is a little big for a newborn, so I don't want to say 0-6 months. He was 1 month old and about 12 lbs in this photo. The sweater should fit for quite awhile yet, and I think there is still plenty of room in the pants.

For my daughter's birthday I crocheted a small doll for her, and then my mom helped me make a cake to match the doll. She likes her doll, and loved her cake. One nice thing about frosting a crocheted cake, is that you don't need a steady hand, because you want it to have lots of texture to mimic the stitches.

One of the projects I worked on while in MN, was this sweater for my husband. The pattern is by Robyn Chachula and is from the winter 2007 Interweave Crochet magazine. He chose Lily Chin Park Avenue- 50 % wool, 50 % alpaca yarn for his sweater. Size medium took 13 balls of black and 2 balls of brown. It was a pretty straight-forward pattern to follow. Although, after trying it on, he commented that he'd prefer the neckline to not be so open and square, so I have to take out the collar ribbing, add some stitches in and then redo the collar. I have enough yarn left over to make a scarf and hat.

Now that we've been back for awhile, I've been able to really put my tapestry tortilla warmer to the test. I am very pleased with how it turned out. It keeps them nice and warm, and I don't have to go through lots of towels each time I make tortillas, and I put a little loop on the edge so that I can hang it on the oven, when it is not in use.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tapestry Tortilla Warmer

We eat a lot of tortillas in my house. We buy the uncooked kind, and cook them on the tortilla pan. I like to keep them warm, and usually use a towel to do so. I wanted to have something dedicated for tortillas, but I didn't really want to go buy a plastic container. I had several small amounts of yarn left, so I decided to make a tapestry crocheted felted tortilla warmer. I didn't have a set pattern in mind, but I kept going seeing where the yarn took me. The two sides are different. I used leftovers from 3 different balls of yarn from 3 different sources, they were all worsted weight, and luckily they all felted ok together. It was about 14" before felting and about 11" after felting. I'm still trying to decide if I'll need to line it or not, but I am pleased with how it turned out. The above photos are the prefelted shots. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but the kids think it makes a cool helmet.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wash cloth for Baby

I know a lot of people that have had or are having babies this year- like over 20. I have been busy making baby gifts for them. Here is a simple pattern for a washcloth or burpcloth for baby. A wash cloth will get a bit more use than a hat, and it is distinctive from the other washcloths, so it can be easily recognized as Baby's cloth.

I used mercerized cotton, Butterfly Super 10, about 1/2 of a ball.
Size G hook.
Gauge: 18 st/ 4" and 17 rows/ 4"
Finished size about 9" square.

Chain 41
Row 1: in second ch from hook make dc, sc in next, *dc in next chain, sc in next; repeat from * across. Ch1, turn
Row 2: dc in first st, sc in next. *dc in next stitch, sc in next. Repeat from * across. (You are always putting a dc in a sc of the row below, and a sc in a dc of the row below).
Repeat row 2 until cloth is square, or desired size. Fasten off, weave in ends.

I have made a couple of these cloths now and I love how the color pools in different patterns.

Friday, July 11, 2008

My summer cardigan

I finally finished my summer cardigan- and it's still summer! I started it the first weekend in May and finished it the first weekend in July. The pattern is Butterscotch Cardigan from the Spring 2008 Interweave Crochet magazine. It was a fairly straight-forward garment to crochet, each piece went by rather quickly. My stitch guage was a little off from what the pattern called for, but since it is worked vertically and I am taller than average, I didn't have to make any adjustments to the length of the garment. This was also my first real experience blocking and it went fairly well, although I might try a string or wires for the center front pieces next time. Seaming went by fairly quickly too- just match up a stitch on one side to a stitch on the other. Sewing in the sleeves was also wonderful, the striped pattern made it really easy to know what stitches to match up. I also loved working with yarn on a cone- each segment of the sweater was made from a single piece of yarn. The yarn is JaggerSpun Zephyr 50-50 Wool Silk lace-weight. It's a little finer than what was called for in the pattern, but I am pleased with the weight of the sweater.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bamboo Baby Set

I recently made this bamboo baby set for my soon to be born nephew. I chose bamboo because it is soft, and because it will "grow" a bit with the kid, so maybe he'll get some more wear out of it. I was under a bit of a time crunch by the time the yarn arrived and when I wanted to get it mailed. I did this in a week. I was able to send it out to arrive in time for the baby shower. I tried swatching from a couple of books I have with baby sets, but nothing was really coming out very well. In addition, one of the books had a very sorry excuse for a gauge, showing only the stitches per 2 or 4 inches, but not giving the row gauge, nor finished measurements. So I improvised by taking a pair of baby shorts and matched the waist and rise, and added legs. For the sweater, I used measurements from a different pattern book, but created the pattern myself. I took good notes and may try to write up the pattern once I have some feedback on how it fits.