Monday, November 5, 2007

A few squares

I've been working on making 8" squares for the San Diego Wild Fire Blanket Project. Saturday at the meetup I edged and pieced together squares for a baby blanket that a woman sent in to the the project. The project is really taking off. GeorgeAnne is getting donations of squares from all across the country. It will be so amazing to see the squares transform into blankets and all the love and well wishes that have gone into each stitch.
I haven't gotten much other crocheting done this week, except I did finish the Strawberry Frozen Yogurt hat and mittens. I'll try to post a picture in a few days.


Corinne said...

Hi, Karla! The blanket looks great. I took a little break from making squares this week. I wanted to knit a little cardigan for myself. Now I am finished and I am back to knitting squares. Knit On!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful gesture.

Aveline said...

Well said.