Thursday, January 24, 2008

My first felted bag

Well I finally finished my first felted bag. Ta da? It turned out nice, but I've learned a few things for next time.
1) My machine doesn't let me peek in at anything once it has started. For some reason I thought I had been able to in the past, but alas, I cannot. What does this mean? It felted a bit more than I wanted it to, and the opening is a bit narrower than I had hoped.

2) Crochet stitches shrink more in height than they do in width. This means that the proportions of the bag are a little off. I thought that I had read somewhere (must have been wrong) that the stitches felt more widthwise than lengthwise, so I made the bag with that in mind.

Here is the pre-felting photo.

Here is the post-felting shot.


Lyn in NH said...

I'm surprised at how your bag shrank. My crochet felting always shrinks more widthwise-- I ususally use Paton's classic merino. Yarns are different though. Best thing to do when felting with a new yarn is to make a small swatch and felt that to get the proportions down for your particular yarn. Really cute bag, though, in spite of how it felted.

Lisa said...

Very Cute! I think it has already been claimed!