Thursday, February 14, 2008


For Valentine's Day I thought I would share with you some recently acquired treasures which were made by my Great-Grandmothers. These items were made with love for their daughters. The first is a beautiful guest towel and washcloth that my Grandma received as a wedding gift 62 years ago. She told me she doesn't think she ever used it, but often had it out. I just think it is a clever and creative way to put the towel and washcloth together. I'm also curious about how the edging was done. Did she just force her steel hook through the bottom of the towel and cloth or did she use a needle somehow?

The second was made by my other Great-Grandma, whose crochet thread I now have, for my Great-Aunt. It's a little potholder, with the same pattern on both sides, seamed together with the white picot edging. Inside is a pad of cotton flannel. It has been used with love to serve many meals.
Happy Valentine's Day!


Corinne said...

They are really beautiful! Happy Valentine's Day :)

Unraveling Sophia said...

What a beautiful cloth! Those edgings were made by machine sewing along edge with no thread in the needle. This left very nice straight holes along th edge and then the little crochet hook was used along these holes to make the first row of stitches. So clever! (I know this because I have several patterns like this in my collection of vintage books)