Monday, November 10, 2008

CLF First Ever Book

A few months ago I submitted my pattern for the Very Versatile Vertical Stripe Beanie to be published in the Crochet Liberation Front's First Ever Book. The book is out now and my pattern is on page 54. I received my copy of the book over the weekend and I have been enjoying reading and browsing through this book. All of the patterns in the book were designed by other CLF group members on Ravelry. There are wonderful patterns for socks, hats, bags, toys, tops, scarves and many other items. It will be hard to decide what to work on first. I also love the little articles that people submitted. You can follow this link to find out more about the book or purchase your copy of the book.

In a related note, my hat has been awarded the Hookalicious Award from the group's leader. You can read about it here. It has been exciting to see people use my pattern and make hats of their own. I look forward to seeing more of people's projects as they post them on ravelry. Thanks also for all of the compliments.


Jdn said...

Congratulations on the published design Karla! That's really great!! Now you're published in two areas. :)

Jen Hoffman said...

oops..that comment's from me (jen)

Unraveling Sophia said...

Congratulations - that's wonderful!! I love your beanie! I wish I'd followed through with my pattern for the book. And I wish I'd followed through on actually getting the book now that it's out!

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