Wednesday, October 3, 2007

FBB crochet-a-long

So I'm part of a Fat Bottom Bag crochet-a-long with our Meet-up group. I've finished 3 and will need to frog the fourth (which is actually the second one I started). The first one I made in two halves and stitched together in the center because I didn't know how much yarn I had left on this skein and I didn't want to run out and be left with a funny shaped FBB. So I crocheted from both ends.

The second, I'm not sure what happened but somehow my inc rows don't match my dec rows. I thought maybe when I gathered it, it would be ok, but no. I can't finish it how it is.

The third, I really like. I made it out of a teal yarn from Big Lots. I raided my quilt stash and lined it. Then I added a button and strap to close it.

I made a button for the FBB by ch 4, closing w/ a slipstitch, ch 1, 8 sc in loop, closed w/ a ss. Rnd 2- ch2, 2 hhdc in each sc, close w ss. (16 sts)Rnd 3 ch1, sc2 tog around, close w/ ss. (8 sts)Rnd 4- ch1, sc2tog around, close w/ ss. (4 sts)Fasten off leaving a tail ~18" long. With a needle, gather loops together. Sew to center of bag at bottom of gathering. Wrap yarn tail around button a few times to stabilize it.Strap- ch 6, sc across (5 sts)Row- ch1, sc across in back loop only (5 sts) until strap is 2" (or long enough to get over handle and down to button) Mine was 7 rows.last row- ch1, sc in 1st stitch, chain 6 (or enough to get over button), skip 3 sc, 1sc in last stitch.Before fastening off, check to see if hole is appropriate size for your button. If not, remove last sc, adjust chain length, sc in last stitch. Then fasten off.Sew strap to inside center of back side of bag just below handle. This way strap can hide inside bag when it is not buttoned shut.

I really like the flower handles I found at Michael's. They are brass rings. I also got plain rings as well as a pair of stars. I can't find any good deals on the bamboo or other handles. I just can't justify spending $4-5 on a cheap pair of handles, knowing that Michael's or JoAnn's marked it up so outrageously. I suppose if I were making only 1-2 FBB I could pay that, but I have so many ideas for different ones to try.

The fourth is blue with contrasting green- mostly because I didn't have enough blue left to gather it and I hate starting a new skein for just a couple of rows because that would mean I'd have to adjust the next one, and I don't want to think that hard.

It's funny, I can't figure out why I feel so obsessed with these FBB. I'm not really a fan of purses/bags. I prefer to use pockets when possible. I know a lot of people who would like one as a gift, so I keep making them. Maybe also because I still don't think they have turned out like I thought they should. Mine all seem so small, and I think they should be deeper. GeorgeAnne's always look so nice. Maybe the bags are misnamed- maybe I'd be satisfied with them if they weren't called Fat Bottom, and were called Round Clutch or something like that. The stitch is pretty, and makes a nice pattern, but I can't seem to find a nice rhythm with it, it is far slower than the hdc or dc. I have to pinch the loop on my hook to get the right loops to transfer. Once I make the "perfect" one I'll be satisfied, maybe ...


Corinne said...

You are so funny! I think your bags are beautiful! Maybe you like making them because they are a small, fast project. Or maybe they aren't that fast, with sewing in the lining and all!!!!! See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the compliment ... but seriously your bags are AWESOME (you can hear my CT accent in that if you listen carefully - LOL!) And if we are both addicted to these things, maybe we need THERAPY more than we care to admit .. lol -- see you soon .. G

Corinne said...

Hey there! That's genius!! I NEVER thought about the craftygirlz! It is a little advanced, but I can change it up a bit and I think that they would LOVE it!! Thanks for the suggestion. I love your blog :)