Friday, October 12, 2007

A new love?

So we're getting ready for a mini-dishcloth swap in our Meet-up group to get to know the members better. I'm excited for it as it will be fun, they are fast to complete and are pretty. I recently read someplace that "you can't do pictures in crochet but you can in knit" or something to that effect. Knowing that both knitting and crocheting have brick stitches that look just about the same, I figured you can make pictures in solid crochet cloth. So yesterday I set out to try it. I found a grid of a heart, modified it a bit, and voila! I know you're jumping up and down in your seat! How did I do it? I did the background work in half double crochet and the picture work in front post or back post double crochet (alternating rows so that the post is always accented on the same side of the work). This works because the fpdc and bpdc go down into the row below so it turns out to be the same height as when the hdc is done on top of the stitch from the row before. Plus the picture part gives ridges that will be great for scrubbing. Also, at the end of each row, I only ch 1 instead of the normal 2 for hdc, and then I went into the first stitch. This seems to have given a nice edge on either side with out doing a round of sc around the edge. I'm sure others have already thought of this, but being new to crochet, and not having scoured the dishcloth patterns, I'm happy to have tried it, and found out that it works! It only took a couple of hours to make, and I can see how these would make great gifts, especially if I find lots of pictures/graphs to work from.


Gail said...

The dishcloth is so pretty and I love the baby hat and the fbb. I haven't knit/crochet dishcloths because I am too scared to use them. I would never use a dishcloth like yours because it's too pretty. It would probably sit on my coffee table for people to look at. LOL.

Corinne said...

I love the cloth. Notice I did not call it a DISHcloth!! Alot of people are afraid to use it. I love it for a face cloth and I do not mean mascara removal! LOL Anyway, your cloth is beautiful and I love the pattern.

Corinne said...

Hi! I put the music on just a few days ago!! Isn't it cool!!