Thursday, October 25, 2007

Here we go again

We were out of state when the fires of 2007 hit this weekend. So frustrating to be so far away and not have much info on what was going on at home. Like many, our neighborhood was evacuated, and thankfully we have been able to return to our home. The fires bring back memories of the 2003 fires, which came within less than a mile of my home then. I evacuated then. I remember the smoke, the ash and soot and working on halloween costumes because I couldn't go to lab. I tried to go to lab after a couple of days, but the air quality was worse inside than outside because the building ventillation system had sucked in so much bad air before... I don't know yet how close the fires got this time. I feel fortunate that we have a home to come back to; that we were able to breathe clean air for a couple of days while the fires were close and intense; and that family is safe (not sure yet about their homes in East County as the fire is still burning very close to their homes). It was almost a relief to be so far away when the evacuation order came. My family was safe, I could do nothing about anything at home so there was no need to fixate and worry about our place, and I knew that God would protect and provide for us. I wait to hear about family and friends.So now I'm home. Tired after the loooooong drive, and I have Halloween costumes to make.

Please visit San Diego Wild Fire Blanket Blog to learn about making 8" acrylic squares for blankets for those who lost their homes in the fires.


Corinne said...

Hi, welcome back. So glad to hear that you are all home and safe. I miss seeing you. Hope to see you on Saturday. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link!

I'm glad the children are safe and didn't have to breathe the garbage that was in the air, and that everyone is safe! See you soon!!